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RecOVeRY Resting is as cRitical as tRaining. If you’re training hard, you can theoretically train four to five days a week and rest two to three. My clients train four days, I train four days, and the only ones who are at five or above are the ones who are preparing for a bodybuilding show or a sports sea- son. You can make incredible progress with a four-day-per-week training pro- gram, which means on those other three days you should be relaxing. Spend time with your friends and family, watch some TV, read a book, take up writing, just don’t drag your ass into a gym and think you’re that special person who doesn’t need to rest. You do. We all do. With rest comes sleep. Everyone is different with how much sleep they need per night. Studies show that it ranges from six to 10 hours across the population. Let’s bet that you need more than six. You’re training hard and your recovery depends on sleep. If you aren’t getting at least seven hours per night, re-evaluate your daily schedule and make some time. If you truly cannot make time for seven hours of sleep per night because of your schedule, then supplements aRe designed tO help YOu Reach YOuR gOals when the basics aRe On pOint. don’t expect to recover as well as some- one who can. Sleep matters. That is a cold hard fact of training. The last rule I’ll go into is the most maddening rule of all and it has to do with supplements. The market is flood- ed with them, and while a lot of them work wonders, they are just what their name says they are—supplements. If you’re hell-bent on taking supplements when your food intake isn’t adequate, you aren’t training hard, and you aren’t getting enough rest to facilitate recovery, you will waste your money. Supplements are designed to help you reach your goals when the basics are on point. They are not made for people who eat like a Bikini pro in prep while trying to gain 20 pounds of lean mass in a year. Take care of everything else first before you start to research what supplements will help you the most. iM RecOVeRY Rules • Rest days are important • Sleep means recovery • Follow all of the preceding rules before you focus on sup- plements You will find that you have a solid list to work with as you establish your footprint in the gym. Your footprint can be one of, “That guy is starting to look jacked, I wonder what he’s doing differently than me,” or it can be, “I’ve seen that guy in here for months and he looks the same, don’t do what he does.” iM | april 2017 69