Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 65

HIGH-PULLEY CABLE CURLS Set the pulleys at the highest elevation. Stand in the middle and use both hands at the same time to curl inwards with elbows facing out laterally. Not only is it a means of recruiting muscle fibers from a different angle, it is also a functional pose for competitors. MACHINE PREACHER CURLS Cancel the debate over machines versus free weights, the answer is both. For the final exercise, we have selected a machine preacher curl. This machine allows the user several advantages during a drop set. For one, it’s a stabilized activity, allowing you to direct focus to the biceps muscle. (Neal Spruce, the creator of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and owner of Apex supplements, once used this line to explain to me the impossibility of pure muscular isolation: “To isolate your serratus anterior, you will need a razor blade and a table to throw it on after you cut it out.”) Two, a spotter (although recommended) is not required, so this exercise is safe to go to failure. There is con- stant resistance as the weight stack moves against gravity throughout 100 percent of the range of motion. Lastly, the pin-and-stack nature of the machine makes for easy adjustments of the weights during drop sets. | APRIL 2017 63