Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 63

STANDING BICEPS CURLS BENYAMIN “BEN” JAHROMI AGE: 33 LIVES: Tehran, Iran; and Los Angeles PROFESSION: Owner of Iran Saadat Royal Gym, owner of Body Attack nutrition store, online coaching LIKES: Travel, cardio, business FAVORITE DRINK: Watermelon juice FAVORITE MOVIES/TV SHOWS: Scarface, Troy, Breaking Bad, Shahrzad (Persian series) ULTIMATE VACATION: North of Iran DESERT ISLAND EXERCISES: Squats, push-up, abs machine FAVORITE CHARITY OR CAUSE: Behnam Charity SPONSOR: Shrink Toning INSTAGRAM: @benyaminjahromi WEBSITE:, Stand with your feet shoul- der-width apart and knees slightly bent. Your shoulders should remain retracted throughout the exercise and elbows should remain pointing downward. This allows the weight to work directly against gravity without displacing the stress to the hinge. ALTERNATING DUMBBELL CURLS In a seated position on an upright bench, perform the curl unilaterally. Begin with your palm in a pronated position and supinate as you go through the con- traction. Raise the weight until it comes close to chin level. As the dumbbells descend, pronate your wrist and begin the exer- cise for the opposite hand. | APRIL 2017 61