Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 56

“I believe in consistency. If something has been working, never change it. Just be consistent with it and let the universe do the rest.” MC: How often do you train? SA: Fitness is lifestyle for me. I don’t take any days off, but I definitely am kicking back as far as a strict diet. I have more of a balanced diet so I can stay relevant. I’m not as lean or as big, but I’m two weeks away from being leaner or bigger. So if I get offered a role, I can jump right into that. In between, I’m trying to stay balanced. I do full-body workouts and a lot of cardio to stay lean. My body frame is on the bigger side. I try to keep it as narrow as I can. I can only do that by doing full-body workouts and a lot of cardio and keeping a somewhat strict and balanced diet. MC: How intense are your workouts? SA: There is no need to push for ego. I definitely don’t go past 60 or 70 percent [of his one-rep max]. I do more low- weight high-repetition training. I try to keep my heart rate up as the workout goes on. I have been doing that for five or six months. I can put muscle on fast. I’m two weeks away from being 10 pounds heavier or 10 pounds lighter. That’s something I’m trying to work to perfection. MC: Do you train in martial arts? SA: Martial arts are a must for an action actor and it’s good exercise to begin with. I take “combat on camera” class- es all the time. I can’t be acting like an amateur on camera [laughs]. MC: It sounds like you give your fit lifestyle a lot of credit for your suc- cess. SA: My foundation is fitness. Sports made me very disciplined, almost like the military. Playing football changed my life. I believe in myself more, just mental- ly. Keep in mind, it is not a physical thing for me anymore. It is more of a mental thing for me. It gives me confidence. It releases depression. I deal with my prob- lems by exercising. Everything about it is amazing. 54 APRIL 2017 |