Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 54

MC: Are you gravitating toward action-hero roles? SA: Yes, definitely. That’s something I’m interested in. I’m not stuck on the action part. I’m open. I want a variety so I can do action or comedy. My goal is to be a balanced actor. But I’m getting offers for a couple action shows, so action is the goal. MC: You created and starred in a commercial for 1st Phorm and it was funny. Do you like comedy? SA: People are used to seeing those old “holding the bottle” poses and stuff like that [in the fitness industry]. So I tried to do something different. I got a couple of my actor friends and we made something completely different. I’m definitely able to make fun of myself, and I think I’m a funny person. It’s not neces- sarily a goal, but we were having a lot of fun with it. MC: So acting is the main goal? SA: Most definitely. Acting is the goal. Not specific in terms of what roles. Comedy, drama, action, any type. I have been getting ready for over the last two years and finally everything is falling into place. We are going with it. MC: Who’s an actor you would like to base your career off? SA: I definitely admire Dwayne Johnson’s career. He’s not so much someone who strictly does action, like Jason Statham. I feel like Jason Statham does the same exact movies. Dwayne Johnson jumps from comedy to action to other stuff. And as he goes on, as he gets older, the more seasoned and the better he becomes. I definitely like his career. His variety of movies I really like. 52 APRIL 2017 |