Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 51

“I moved here nine years ago. I have experienced the American Dream. If I can do it, anyone can do it.” SAM ASGHARI AGE: 23 LIVES: Beverly Hills CA PROFESSION: Actor FAVORITE DRINK: Apple juice GO-TO WEBSITE: Google—haha! DESERT ISLAND EXERCISES: Bench presses, biceps curls, push-ups WHAT WOULD BE YOUR LAST MEAL ON EARTH? Deep dish pizza, and ghormeh sabzi (Persian stew on rice) BINGE TV SHOWS: House, Breaking Bad ULTIMATE VACATION: Anguilla Islands FAVORITE CHARITY OR CAUSE: I don’t count this as charity, but I love reading books to kids with autism—it really puts the biggest smile on my face SPONSOR: 1st Phorm INSTAGRAM: @samasghari | APRIL 2017 49