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GO PRO As A tyPe-1 diAbetic, bRett injects himself with insulin uPwARds Of 10 times A dAy. fOR KAhn, mAcROnutRients ARe A GAme Of chess RAtheR thAn checKeR. attend to it, I can pass out or have a seizure. You can eat and then wait for it to come up, but then you’re usually lethargic after that. It’s tricky. MC: You must love Dymatize ISO100 since it has less than a gram of sugar. BK: Yes, that’s awesome because it’s one less thing to calculate. And I know that I’m getting the amount it says on the label. There is a certain amount of protein that will raise your blood sugar as well. If the label says 25 grams but it really only has 10, then I will take too much insulin and it will throw my balance off and my blood sugar will get low. It’s important that what is on that label is what I am taking in. If a company claims 50 grams of protein and there are 15 grams, that’s going to mess me up. MC: What kind of daily maintenance can people do to stay off your table? BK: Something as simple foam rolling the lower extremities. Work on your hip flexors. People don’t realize how tight hip flexors get today with all the sitting we do at desk jobs. Often, how we bodybuild creates lordosis and pressure in the lower back. Keeping the hip flexors and the lower extremities loose and pliable will go a long way to avoiding injury. MC: Does bodywork treatment actually help aesthetics as well? BK: There is a definite aesthetic benefit to it, especially onstage. When you build up adhesions and restrictions in the muscle belly, they keep the muscle from expanding and accepting as much blood as it can. One, it looks less full because it’s cinched down, and two, it will limit your range of motion. A guy doing a back pose is trying to get wide. If that muscle is tight or has an old training injury, he won’t be able to get his shoulder up and out and you won’t see as much detail or width. Graston and Active Release allows the shoulder to move farther and let the muscle expand a little more. You might get a total of one-inch wider, but you would have to lift a lot of weights to grow that extra inch. IM | aprIl 2017 43