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IM GO PRO True Blood By Mike Carlson For IFBB pro and type-1 diabetic Dr. Brett Kahn, nutrition is a matter of life and death. I t was the near the end of his senior year season at Michigan State when running back Brett Kahn was diagnosed with type- 1 diabetes. He had been feeling sick and lethargic for almost a year and lost weight despite eating around 7,000 calories day, but he had grinded through the football season before doctors were able to confirm that he was suffering from a form of late-onset ju- venile diabetes and his pancreas was slowly shutting down its insulin production. Over a decade later, Kahn is now a Dyma- tize-sponsored athlete, IFBB Men’s Physique pro, fitness model, and has his doctor of chi- ropractic. He owns Mobility Spine and Rehab in Charleston, South Carolina, where he lives with his fiancée, IFBB Bikini Pro and fellow Dymatize athlete Katherine Ampolini. Kahn’s meteoric rise in the fitness world is a testament to his determination and knowledge of how the body—specifically his body—utilizes nutrients. As a type-1 diabetic, he injects himself with insulin upwards of 10 times a day. For Kahn, macronutrients are a game of chess rather than checkers. “A type-1 is always evaluating his diet,” he says. “Eating is like keeping a scale balanced, but there are seven sides instead of two sides. Is it morning or afternoon? What kind of carbs are these? Am I going to be exercis- ing later? I call it the ‘what’s next’ factor.” Mike Carlson: As a type-1 diabetic, what’s your diet like? Dr. Brett Kahn: If you know what you’re doing, you can eat anything you want. But the diet that is best for type-1 really is pretty close to a bodybuilder’s diet. It’s consistent food throughout the day and a moderate but steady carb intake throughout the day. MC: Has that happened to you? BK: Absolutely. You’re flying, getting a good pump, workout is good, but maybe you didn’t have as many carbs as you needed, or you took a little too much insulin and your blood sugar plummets. You get shaky, you start to get the sweats, and get real weak. If I don’t 42 april 2017 | MC: What does moderate carbs mean? BK: I get around 300 grams of carbs a day. I’ll go higher in the off-season. Into the sea- son, I usually don’t drop below 150. Consis- tent eating throughout the day allows you to check your blood sugar. You prick your finger, get a little blood, put it in the meter, see what it is. If your blood sugar goes low in the middle of workout, you are done. You have to pack it up. You have to get some sugar into you and wait around for 20 minutes for it to come back up.