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RESEARCH PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: CREA-NITRIC by Gains In Bulk C rea-Nitric 100 from Gains In Bulk utilizes an exciting new advance in supplement technol- ogy called creatine nitrate. An exceptionally pure form of creatine is bound to nitrates for an effect that delivers full muscles and incredible vascularity, thanks to the nitric oxide-promoting properties of dietary nitrates. Last year, a study in the Journal Of The International Society Of Sports Nutrition proved that creatine nitrate is far more water soluble than other forms of creatine, making it more palatable on the tongue and potentially friendlier to the gut. Crea-Nitric is a highly effec- tive tool for long-term muscle growth, but it also initiates visible muscular pumps and vascularity the very first time you train on it. Crea-Nitric 100 contains only creatine nitrate and does not dilute it with cheaper versions of creatine. Every Gains In Bulk product clearly lists its ingredients without hiding behind proprietary blends. They even pro- vide Certificates of Analysis with each product, which indicates where the raw materials were sourced, the date it was made, and its full spectrum of ingredients. It’s a refreshing bit of transparency in an industry that can often feel opaque. Gains In Bulk are so obsessed with transparency and trust that every unit of Crea-Nitric 100 comes with nitric oxide test strips. Color-activated by saliva, these strips can prove that your nitric oxide levels are spiking 30 minutes after taking it. But we’re pretty confident you’re not going to need those strips to tell you that you’re having the pump of your life. For more information, check out The Morning-Person Diet Early birds eat healthier worms, says new research from the journal Obesity. A group of scientists recently examined the habits of 2,000 people to determine if their sleeping and waking proclivities affected their diet. Clear differences in both calorie and macro- nutrient intake were evident. Morning people made healthier choices throughout the day. Night owls ate more sugar and less protein in the morning. At night, they ate more sugar and fat than morning people. Weekends were the worst . Evening people had more irregular meal times and indulged in twice as many feedings on weekends. They also slept worse and were less physically active overall. If you are able to transition into a morning person, it seems that your health, physique, and state of mine wil