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E2G EAT TO GROW April Blackberry Zinger Smoothie By Amanda Burrill, MS Low-calorie, loaded in nutrients, and a vegan option. Everybody is happy. V egans and vegetarians, if you are real, this one is for you. I mean, I still leave cookies for Santa. And for the 90 percent who aren’t rabbits, don’t go tossing this issue across the room. You can still use your favorite whey protein powder in this low-calorie, high-nu- trient shake and learn about an ingredient or two you should absolutely be incorporating into your diet. I sneak superfoods into almost everything I blend or bake. That’s why I concoct a recipe for you each month with lots of goodies, oftentimes completely undetectable to the palate, that support your health. Hemp powder is not one of those flavor- less magical superfoods. To make sure this smoothie delivers in the taste category as much as the health one, it gets a little sweet- ness boost from all-natural stevia. If you go the traditional vanilla whey protein powder route, hold off on the sweetener. Hemp is a complete protein, meaning it contains all eight essential amino acids, making it a great alternative source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. Soy protein also falls into that category, but it’s not as easily digestible and readily available to the body as hemp protein (soy often leads to gas and bloating). Hemp protein also contains the essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega- 6) in a three-to-one ratio. This optimal ratio reduces the risk of heart attack—always a risk with this new administration. Blackberries, mint, and lime juice are all great low-calorie ingredients that have the power to boost this shake’s unique flavor into overdrive. Lastly, over half the carbs in this smoothie come from dietary fiber. INGREDIENTS ½ cup blackberries 10 large mint leaves ½-inch chunk of raw turmeric 1 lime, juiced 3 tablespoons hemp protein 8 oz. favorite milk (I like unsweetened vanilla almond milk) Stevia to taste Handful of ice DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients in a blender, beginning with the liquid to avoid sticky clumps. Blend until smooth. TOTAL (PER SERVING): 188 calories, 27 g carbs, 17 g protein, 6 g fat, 14 g fiber 38 aprIl 2017 | Superfood 101 BLACKBERRIES: These berries don’t get enough credit. They aren’t as “superfoody” as blueberries, tasty (IMO) as raspberries, or omnipresent as strawberries, but don’t overlook the juicy blackberry. They have a lot going for them, including a big hit of vitamin C for your immune system. They also pack a large dietary fiber punch and are a great source of manganese, an essential mineral our bodies use in the formation of connective tissue and bones. MINT: Mint is one of my favorite ways to add flavor to a dish, drink, or smoothie with- out adding calories, sugar, or sodium. Fresh herbs are often overlooked as “superfoods,” but many, including mint, offer significant benefits. Mint is a calming and soothing herb that’s been used for thousands of years to help an upset stomach and aid digestion, re- lieving discomfort from gas and bloating. No wonder Grams always drank that peppermint tea! Mint also contains menthol, which helps break up mucus, making it