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n.o. Nitric Oxide nitric oxide pathways Advertising The molecule for inceased vascularity, blood flow, strength and endurance. According to the largest study ever conducted on causes of poor health and early death, poor circulation and high blood pressure are the biggest culprits. That’s good to know but what does that have to do with creating gains in muscle and reducing fat? Optimal performance, muscle and fat loss would be impossible without the production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. Nitric Oxide is a gas the body creates from the ingestion of certain nutrients and is used to increase circulation, increase energy output and increase flexibility of blood vessels. It does this by increasing blood flow without increasing blood pressure. This is the secret. If you can increase blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels, you can get faster gains while increasing your health. This is why there are so many NO (Nitric Oxide) products on the market but under- standing this molecule and how to release it can help you get greater gains than others who don’t do their homework. Much has since been learned about nitric oxide (NO) and its effects in the body. NO regulates the muscle tone of blood vessels. NO dramatically increases blood flow to organs and muscles (how viagra was developed). NO increases performance by allowing greater force output and duration without increased oxygen. NO helps to eliminate excess fat through increasing utilization. NO transmits messages between nerve cells for better nerve function. NO is associated with the process of learning, memory, sleeping, feeling pain, and even depression. NO has been shown to be a mediator in inflammation helping recovery time. Blood vessels make NO from L-argi- nine, Citrulline, Ornithine and Nitrate rich fruits and vegetables. johnny espinosa pnba pro elite FACT #1 Not Known by Most People: Nitric Oxide is created through 2 pathways in the body. Understanding this and using both pathways properly can dramatically increase your results. The First N ]XYHܙX]܈\B\[[H\XH]^K ]XYB[\\H[Z[XYB X\[[H\[\[X[[Z[XY [\]Y[\HY[HK\[[H\HX[]BXHYH[X\XH\[˂HY[YX[][]H[Y]YB[X\XH\Y\و X\[[B]H NNNؙ[^H[YYX[KY[\Y\ X\[[H\8'BZ\XH[X[x'K X\[[K][[H[ܛ][B[\^H[[ܛܛ[ۙK\\[\ܝ[ۛYB܈]]\ˈ X\[[H\[\[X[[Z[XY [\HY[HH][ܛ