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E2G EAT TO GROW Beyond A Workout Routine On a final note, researchers at Yeungnam University in Korea state that tomato plants make the alkaloids dehydrotomatine and alpha-tomatine to ward off fungi, bacteria, vi- ruses, and insects. Correspondingly, research- ers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture had reported that despite not totally understand- ing all of the roles of these naturally occurring compounds in tomatoes, based on current data, the bioactive compounds lycopene and α-tomatine have potential health-promoting effects in both animals and humans. For example, based on the current knowledge gained from the chemistry and analysis of these compounds and from studies on their bioavailability, bioactivity, and m echanisms of action, these compounds guard against cancer cell development, as well as having antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-stimulating effects. Recent data suggest that lycopene also exhibits anti-inflammatory activity by accelerating programmed cell death (the deliberate sui- cide of unwanted or damaged cells). Addi- tional studies have indicated that tomato juice decreases LDL cholesterol levels and increases LDL resistance to oxidation. LDL oxidation leads to the LDL particles becom- ing unstable causing increased inflammation within the arteries. Based on the findings cited above, as a devoted bodybuilding enthusiast, incorporat- ing this naturally occurring compound found in tomatoes into your daily nutritional supple- ment routine may be one of the healthiest, and most inexpensive and effective ways to ignite fat-burning and reduce muscle catabo- lism, as well as activating anabolic pathways that accelerate protein synthesis or the creation of new muscle tissue. IM On The Juice If you are physique conscious in the slightest, you probably dropped fruit juice from your diet a long time ago. Tomato juice deserves another look. Unlike sugar bombs such as apple juice (24 grams of sugar per cup) or cranberry juice (31 grams of sugar per cup), a cup of tomato juice has only 40 calories and nine grams of sugar. It is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, and lycopene, a potent cancer-fight- ing antioxidant that is especially good for men because it has been shown to protect against prostate cancer. (And processed tomato products like sauce and juice contain more lycopene than raw tomatoes.) One study out of Japan actually found that tomato juice helps trigger enzymes in the liver that combat alcohol, which is probably why it has the reputation as a hangover cure. The one traditional knock on tomato juice has always been its sodium content. Overdoing sodium should be of little concern to someone who trains (and sweats) hard and is on top of their hydration status. In fact, it’s crucial that competitors maintain reasonable sodium levels during their training in order to get the desired ripped look when they cut sodium during peak week. 36 aprIl 2017 |