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E2G EAT TO GROW to create fuel. Correspondingly, fast-twitch muscle fibers are much better at generating more immediate muscular response needed to sustain short bursts of strength and speed that resistance-training individuals are en- gaged in. Uni quely, surmised here, tomatidine has conclusively shown the ability to increase strength and workload capacity. Despite this attribute, fast-twitch muscle fibers fatigue at a faster rate. Conversely, slow-twitch muscles use aerobic metabolism (with oxygen) to create fuel. They fire at a slower pace than fast-twitch muscle fibers and don’t fatigue as rapidly and are suited for more sustained workouts or events like marathons. Regulating Fat-Storing Mechanisms In a related study appearing in The Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry, Japanese research- ers were looking for natural ways to curb the rising obesity epidemic. In this study, some of the subjects maintained a normal diet (ND) and others were administered a high-fat diet (HFD) for four weeks. At the end of the four-week period the subjects were spilt into four groups. Group one maintained the same normal diet, and group two was fed the same high-fat diet. However, group three con- 32 april 2017 | AMPK ActuAlly recAlibrAtes innAte MultifAceted genetic ProgrAMs thAt AMPlify signAls, which ProMPt the body to Also AccelerAte fAt- burning Activities. sumed the HFD plus two-percent red tomato extract (RTE), and group four maintained the HFD plus two-percent green tomato extract (GTE) for an additional 13 weeks. At the com- pletion of this phase of the study, the body- weight of subjects on the high-fat diet plus green tomato extract was significantly de- creased to the level of those on a normal diet. Interestingly, the bodyweight was only slightly reduced in those on the high-fat diet plus red tomato extract. These researchers noted that the subjects who were administered the green tomato extract realized a much more substantial decrease in the expression of a receptor called the peroxisome prolifera- tor-activated receptor gamma. This receptor regulates how fast one developing fat cell dif- ferentiates or split into an additional fat cell. The green tomato extract group also realized reductions in the expression of the CCAAT/ enhancer-binding protein alpha receptor. This receptor controls the expression of leptin, a hormone made by fat cells, which regulates the amount of fat stored in the body. Moreover, and even more uniquely, sub- jects in the green tomato extract group also realized reduced activity of a protein in fat called perilipin. Perilipin also known as lipid