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IM FAT LOSS RESEARCH The Forgotten Nutrient One problem with ketogenic and other ultra- low-carb diets is the lack of fiber. Besides the obvious internal benefits, fiber intake is closely associated with fat loss and a desirable body composition. A study reported in the journal Appetite shows just how powerful of an ally fiber can be during a diet. In the experiment, subjects on a reduced-calorie diet were given either a pla cebo or a fiber supplement before meals. When ingested, the fiber slows down the diges- tion of food increasing the feeling of fullness. The group who was given the fiber reported that their hunger was reduced by one-third, they felt less hungry after the small feeding, and they were less inclined to snack between meals. The dose for each subject was 6.8 grams of psyllium fiber, and the researchers used the brand Meta- mucil, which is available in most grocery stores. Stuff We Love: Beyond Raw Neuro Shred Some days your body is into hitting the gym, but you just can’t get your mind up off the couch. That’s why we love the new noo- tropic thermogenic Beyond Raw Neuro Shred. It doesn’t just fire up your central nervous system and leave the gray matter behind. Its specific blend of supplements enhances mental focus and con- centration. Beyond Raw Neuro Shred uses an exclusive caffeine delivery system that supplies an immediate hit and then a second timed-release dose for consis- tent alertness and performance. Morosil and Capsimax, patented extracts taken from blood orang- es and hot peppers, respectively, exert influence over metabolism and lipolysis to support a healthy body composition. And besides the transparent labeling on the Beyond Raw line, we love the fact that Beyond Raw Neuro Shred relies heavily on patented ingredients, which tend to have the most robust data and clinical studies to prove their effective- ness. For more info, check out 26 APRIL 2017 | Is Twitter Ruining Your Diet? Are you tired of the nonstop inspirational messages tossed around on Instagram by social media fitness celebs? Don’t be. There’s a method to their mad- dening cheerfulness. Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology claim that they can predict an individual’s weight loss success based on what they post on Twitter. They found that the people who posted the most upbeat and optimistic messages, and stuck mostly to health and fitness topics, were more successful in their fitness goals. Conversely, those who posted negative or fearful messages were not as successful. They came to their conclusion after reviewing more than two million tweets and more than 100,000 MyFitnessPal entries from close to 700 individuals. The lead researchers believe that modify- ing social media behavior can be a proactive step to ensure greater success in your fat loss efforts. IM