Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 24

T2B TWIG TO BIG The Ab Exception By Vince Del Monte Does everyone need dedicated core training? Yes, they do. L et me frame the question we’ll be tackling this month in a few different ways: • Is it necessary to include direct abdominal  work into your program if your goal is perfor- mance?     • Is it worth your time and effort to train your  abs even if you don’t care how they look?     • Should you do a separate abdominal  workout if you’re already doing a lot of heavy  compound lifting that engages the core?  there are no down- sides to making your abdominal muscles as strong as possible. Listen, I get it. When you do a heavy deadlift or front squat, there is a ton of core engagement. And I understand that spending precious training minutes doing direct ab work may not seem like a good investment of your time because you don’t perceive the benefit to be very high. However, let me ask you: If the abdominals play a substantial role in increasing your capacity to produce force through the movements that you specifically want to get better at, doesn’t it make sense to make them as strong as possible? 22 april 2017 | The answer is not “yes,” it’s a “hell yeah!” Individuals who say “no” will argue that the abs are supposed to be working when doing all your compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, military presses, pull-ups, and rows. However, I argue that FV"6G&'WFFFW6RfVVG2v&RƖ֗FVB'W &ƗGF&V7'VBFVbW"66Gf &V7'VFVB2rbFN( 2FR66RFVF6R6VBfVVG2v( B&V6VfPFWVFR7FVFBfW&BvV৖^( &RFrFW6RGW2bWW&66W22&W7VBFW&V6RvVƖFR6B^( &Rǒ27G&r2W"vVW7BƖखFW"v&G2RvWfW"&VƗRW"G'VPW&f&6RFVFW"7VG2FVBЦƖgG2֖ƗF'&W76W2VW2B&w2bPF( BFG&W72FRvVW7BƖFR6