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T2G TRAIN TO GAIN INCREASE YOUR MUSCLE, NOt YOUR gUt Test Your Chest By Redmann Wright binais If you’re looking for the rush you get from an amazing pump in your pecs, try this workout now. A t different periods in our training, we all hit plateaus. It’s a fact of training life. With that in mind, we should all be looking for that something new, that boom that says “hi” to your muscles. Here is that workout you’ve been looking for to really dial in some highly focused stimulation to the muscle fibers in your pecs. This short but intense program is designed to spark an incredible pump while initiating gains in new muscle. Who doesn’t want that? The idea is to progressively move up in weight on each set of the bench press, cable crossovers, and lying low-pulley chest flyes. This gradual increase in load will give the body a chance for adaption. For these three exercises, focus on slow reps, maximizing the time under tension on the negative portion 14 april 2017 | of the movement. Also, don’t forget the lost art of p V6G&7F&R7W&RFFV6Vǐ7VVWRW"V72BFRFbV6&WFR&GvVvB&V6RW6W2&PFffW&VB&V7BFFR&V6&W72@6&RWW&66W2FWvfW"V72vF6V6&BBFW7BW"W67V"VGW"Ц6RBFR6RFR^( &&Vǒ&R&RFvWBW"G2FvWFW"f"FRfǖW2W"Цf&VBf"v&W2FW&Rw&VBFFFFFRFVBWW&66W2FB&RFRFPVvBF&W&vRऒ6F2( ćW'G&7V6f2G&r( ФN( 2FRFVWFBF7&V6RW66R70BW6F&VvFRvFW"FFR7VW F2( 6'G2fb6V6( ҒFB&Rf7@&6r&&&V&V6&W70ƖRf6WW7V&Vǒ&V6vFW"fVW@fBFRf"w&7FR&&&VvFvFPfW&Bw&vVWG6FRW"6VFW'2V&6FR&"FRFVW'&VFB6vǐ'&rBFW"vW"6W7BVWW"w&7G0fW"W"V&w2BW"V&w2FV@WBFW"6FW2vVFR&"&V6W2খ6"6vg&W"6W7Bf&6VgVǐ&WfW'6RF&V7FB&W72FR&"Wv&BFB&V6RFRvVvBG&fRB&6fW W"f6RFgV&WFV6'WBF@6WBW"V&w2