Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 10

IM DEPARTMENTS APRIL 2017 14 TRAIN TO GAIN A combination of barbell, cable, and bodyweight moves makes this fast and efficient pec pumper challenging yet satisfying. Good luck getting your hands to touch on the last set of flyes. 22 TWIG TO BIG Does everyone need to do dedicated ab train- ing? The short answer is yes. Even if you’re not showing your abs onstage and you do plenty of heavy barbell exercises, you still need to give your midsection some one-on-one attention. 26 FAT LOSS RESEARCH A collection of cutting-edge discoveries that support you in the fight against fat.. 28 MUSCLE RESEARCH Science you can use when it comes to develop- ing a full and muscular physique. 30 EAT TO GROW New research has come to light that tomatoes contain a natural plant-based steroid that can help build muscle and mobilize fat stores while providing a plethora of overall health benefits. 14 40 NUTRITION RESEARCH The latest information on how to use food and supplements to lift harder, look better, and live longer. 42 GO PRO You think you have a hectic life? IFBB Men’s Physique pro Dr. Brett Kahn manages his com- petitive career around his full-time chiropractic business and living with type-1 diabetes. 28 82 POWERBUILDING Do heavy squats and deadlifts make you thick through the middle? We get to the bottom of one of the longest-running myths in bodybuild- ing culture. 22 84 HYBRID TRAINING Metroflex LBC owner Eddie Avakoff gives his raw thoughts about overusing shoes, sleeves, and other assorted gear when training big lifts like the back squat. 30 86 THE FITEXPO LOS ANGELES TheFitExpo Los Angeles recently drew record crowds to the City of Angels, as thousands of fans met athletes, fitness celebs, manufacturers, and influencers at one of the biggest fitness trade shows in the world. 92 OVER-40 FITNESS Professional trainer and former bodybuilder Jim Brown and anti-aging fitness expert Jay Camp- bell, answers your questions about how to train hard and eat right in your 40s and beyond. 96 THE FINAL WORD Our readers have the final say, and we choose the fittest folks on Instagram. 8 APRIL 2017 | 42 IN THE NEXT ISSUE 92 This month we are ’mirin’ aesthetics poster boy Jeff Seid. The always outspoken social media star talks about his move to Los Angeles and if we’ll ever see him on an IFBB stage again. We explore the benefits of training chest with triceps in an ode to the push pattern, and we introduce several super-fast shoulder shredders that can help you develop your delts without spending hours in the gym. And, as always, we present one of the hottest female bodies in the fitness industry. The May issue of Iron Man hits newsstands May 1.