Iredell-Statesville Schools School & Family Magazine December 2016 - Page 12

Advanced Placement Academy at West Iredell High School Madison Hatley, a 10th grade student at West Iredell High School, was quick to comment when asked about her first year in the Advanced Placement (AP) Academy. “When I first heard about it, it was intimidating. But, when you take the classes and your friends and teachers are there to help, plus you have Mrs. Pulyer, there’s so much great support it feels normal.” This sentiment was a common one among the students who have elected to take a more rigorous course of study at West High. Beginning last academic year, this AP program offers college-level curriculum and examinations to high school students. The offered subjects are created for the College Board by experts in the particular fields of study. Kyah Ottone, also a 10th grade student, issued a warning to parents and to students considering AP Academy. “Your grades will be lower, but I want to reassure parents, and new students, that the reason I made a 1 last year on my tests was because I procrastinated. Now I’ve learned how to manage my time better.” 10 Iredell-Statesville School & Family As the Counselor for the AP Academy at West High, Theresa Pulyer has the opportunity to get to know the students particularly well and has helped create the supportive environment they feel. Mrs. Pulyer commented “parents and students were not getting what they needed to prepare for college. Through this specific program, we have the chance to work on individual preparation, and I am very firm about individualized plans for my students.” “Getting to know the students well is key,” said Adams Sherrill, also a 10th grade student. “This Academy is more rigorous and will prepare us so college won’t be such a big surprise.” Kyah agreed. “It pushes you,” she said. “Exams are harder, but we are really supported by our teachers.” This year there are thirty-one 9th grade students and thirty 10th grade students in the AP Academy at West High. “These numbers will continue to grow,” said Mrs. Pulyer. “My students are the greatest ambassadors for this program.”