IPC Messenger 2017 September 2017 - Page 9

construction were done with excellence both in design for our particular program and clientele and in workmanship. The use of our new challenge course elements this summer was a great step forward for our camp. I don’t believe anyone in the area has the program offerings of I.P.C. Day Camp – High Challenge Course, use of the marsh and Turner’s creek for kayaking (deep- water dock being key in this area), good areas for sports, games, and recreation These things coupled with a great staff make for an outstanding camp for the whole community. • A closing program and slide show was held each Friday and attended by approx- imately 60 parents each week. A CD of the slide show and brochures and infor- mational materials about IPC were made available to parents at the end of each Friday’s closing ceremony. • Thanks to Judy Daniell, Emily Johnson, Lucy Biemiller, Edith Brunson, Jane Boatright and Traci Wood, the John Garnetts, Pam Wiggins, the Tim Barretts and Andy Nixes for hosting Monday night staff meetings. Thanks for the delicious food and wonderful hospitality. • Thanks to Kristi Zerbe (former SCAD student and I.P.C. member) for the artwork for our 2017 camp tee shirt, featuring a camper on the iconic rope swing, for use on tie dye day. In reviewing all my records in order to write this report, I am again reminded of the wonderful support and contributions by so many at I.P.C. in order to make this camp the success that it is. God bless you all. Frankie Daniell MESSENGER SEPTEMBER 2017 PAGE 9