IPC Messenger 2017 September 2017 - Page 8

mis s ion s a n d min istry there is room at the table from page 3 experience your hospitality and warmth. I was reminded as the welcoming parties came, seemingly two by two, of the generosity of our God. As He cheerfully and bountifully gives to us all things, so you all have reflected that generosity toward us accepting us, as one of your own and pouring out your love. You have taken us in as your own and poured out a great show of the generosity wrought within you by God’s grace. But, yet, there is still room. The table is not full. In the next few weeks the SCAD semester will begin and downtown Savannah will be filled with an influx of new and returning students. Some will be leaving the familiarity of home for the unknown of college. Others will be returning to the circuit of classes and coffee shops. Many of these are unaware of the feast the king has prepared. They will wander into our church on Sunday or Wednesday afternoon. We will meet them in the street and seated across from us at the café. How will we respond? I pray that our Lord will awaken us to receive such moments as opportunities, even as he awakened you all to our arrival so that you might respond with the same generous welcome with which you responde