IPC Messenger 2017 September 2017 - Page 4

WOMEN’S MINISTRY It is Time to Plan for Your Involvement in the Fall Weekly Bible Studies for 2017 2017 Fall Starting Dates for Bible Studies and Circles See website (ipcsav.org/woc) or previous Messenger for details on these women’s opportunities. Tuesday Morning Bible Study Tuesday, September 19 Tuesday Morning Connections Bible Study – Tuesday, September 19 Tuesday Morning Circle Canceled for September Tuesday Evening Circle Tuesday, September 19 Thursday Morning Circle Canceled for September Thursday Morning Islands Circle Thursday, September 21 TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY Women participating in this class take an in-depth look at the books of the Bible. Thought–provoking questions are answered for homework and women spend time in class discussing their answers. This year the group will be studying Ezra and Nehemiah. Sally Robyn will be teaching and using books by Derek Thomas and Derek Kidner for preparation. Once a month women are invited to bring a lunch and share an extended time of fellowship together. This study meets on the 3 rd floor of the Whitaker Street building from 10:00 until 11:30 from September through the end of April. A nursery is provided. Please contact Judy Daniell for more information. TUESDAY MORNING CONNECTIONS BIBLE STUDY The aim of this group is to provide a time of connection and encouragement for women that is centered around the Word of God. Women spend time together looking at a portion of scripture in order to understand its meaning and then discuss its application. This year the Group will be studying the topic: “Understanding our Fears” using the books Fear, Worry and the Rest of God by Welch and The Fear of God by John Murray. Terri Fruit, Tevis Garnett, and Jane Boatright will be teaching. Lunch together and extended times of fellowship are planned throughout th PV"F27GVGVWG2FRBFf"`FRvFW"7G&VWB'VFrg&VF3g&6WFV&W"F&VvFP7BvVV&W'6W'2&fFVBV6R6F7BFW'&g'VBf"&Pf&F6&6W2f"#pVWFr6RFǐETU4D$r4$4PFRGVW6F&r6&6RVWG2FP6V6BGVW6FbV6Fg&Х6WFV&W"F&VvB3&FFr6F2v6&RV6V@FR2vVVǒW76VvW"F0V"FRw&Wv&R7GVGrFR( Đ>( bW7W2BƖFFUVRv&RFV6rgFW"FRW76vV6FVRFV"fVw6'fpV6FvWFW"V6R6F7B&F7FW"f"&Rf&FETU4DUdTr4$4PFRGVW6FWfVr6&6RVWG0FRf'7BGVW6FbV6Fg&Х6WFV&W"F&VvBsP'FV( 2RF2V"FRw&Wv&R7GVGrvfr&&Ɩ6ǐf&VB7vW"B6&Vf&FvV'&V&V66fFFWv&BV6R6F7BFV6Rv2f"&Pf&FDU%4D$r4$4PFRFW'6F&r6&6RVWG0FR"BFW'6FbV6Fg&Х6WFV&W"F&VvB3&FFr6F2v6&RV6V@FR2vVVǒW76VvW"F2V FRw&Wv&R7GVGrFR&`Ɨ2BV7'&Vv&PFV6r6F7BFGFR֗F6Vf &Rf&FDU%4D$r4E24$4PFRFW'6F&r6G26&6PVWG2FR2&BFW'6FbV6Fg&6WFV&W"F&VvBfVbV( 2RF2V"FRw&Wv&R&VFrW6WvfRFVv'VR'&B6F7BfVbVf &Rf&FVVWFp( Bb( @R2RFRtR@6GW&F&p6WFV&W"#2VFBV6@CC7V7&W7B&fBࠐ4UDT$U"#p0