IPC Messenger 2017 September 2017 - Page 2

music ministry T hank you to all the men and women who participated in choir during August. During September, all the choirs WILL begin for the season. Sanctuary Choir (College – Adult) No audition required – You must be able to carry a tune and read parts Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 p.m. Youth Choir (6 th Grade – 1 2th ) College students are welcome, too Begins Sunday, September 10 4:00-5:00 p.m. This rehearsal will be boys only!!! Every boy interested in Youth Choir must be there! Full rehearsal — boys and girls — begins September 17, 4:00-5:00 p.m. Chapel Choir (2 nd Grade – 5 th Grade) Begins Sunday, September 10 7:00-7:45 p.m. Rehearsal and Ice Cream! Handbell Choir Begins Wednesday, September 20 5:30-6:30 p.m. This Choir is by appointment only. Advance Notice: Lessons and Carols Service December 10 Dress Rehearsal — December 11 Children MUST be attending rehearsals to participate. Is serving in the Choir for you? I hope you will prayerfully consider it. In Christ’s Service, Kathryn Van Eck PAGE 2 the apostles and the church from page 1 place that would promote their long-term spiritual well-being. Jesus’ church is also a rebuke to hyper- collectivism. Authoritarian, unaccountable, autocratic church leaders cannot sustain the long-term spiritual well-being of believers. Apostles (individual) replace themselves with elders (plural) for the sake of the health and well-being of the churches and their members. The New Testament does not envision believers outside of the visible, institutional church. Dynamic The church, it must also be said, is more than a structure. It is more than an institution. It is a living organism, a body. The Apostles, especially Paul, use this metaphor to teach the mutual dependence, responsibility, and accountability of members for each other. The Apostle Paul develops these thoughts at length in Ephesians 4:11ff, 1 Corinthians 12:4- 31 and Romans 12:4-21. The well-being of the church begins with gifted men (pastors and teachers) exercising their word gifts for the equipping of the saints and the building up of the body of Christ (Eph 4:11-15). This done, each part works properly and the whole body is built up in love (Eph 4:16). The point in the latter two passages is that gifts are distributed throughout the whole church body. We are all “members of one another” (Rom 12:5). Our gifts are “for the common good” (1 Cor 12:7). God has “arranged the members in the body” and “composed the body” (1 Cor 12:18, 24). None of us can say to another member, “I have no need of you,” any more than our eye can say that to our hand or ou "VBFW"fVWB6"##FR'G2bFR&G&P( ƖF7V6&^( 6"##"F2V0FB6BfW&67&GVǒ'Bg&Ц&FFRFV6rbFRvgFVB7F'2@FV6W'2BfFƗfr6V7FvFFW"&VƖWfW'2FR6W&6א7&GVVFw&wFBfW'7W'ffFWVG2BFR6W&62Ɨfr&Gv6( 6G&'WFRFFRVVG2`FR6W&6( &#2vR6BfPfvW'27WBfbvFWB&VrW'BfvW'06B6WfW"FV6VfW2g&FRvP&GvFWBvFW&rBGrvB2FR6W&6FR6W&62&FƗfr&v6B7FGWFFP6W&62W7W2Vf6VBBB2FP4UDT$U"#p7FW267G'V7FVBB27G'V7GW&R&v旦FWF&GV&W'67FF&G2b6GV7BB&VƖVbF66ƖRV2b6W6BW6W6ff6W'2w&VB6֗76֖7G'@67&VG2vR&WVCFRWrFW7FV@FW2BVf6&VƖWfW"WG6FR`FR6W&6F6Rv&VƖWfRfP&F6FR6W&6( 2&FRbF֗76F֖7FW&VBFFVBFW&R( FFV@FFRV&W"( FR&bFR6W&67G2#3CsCB2B( ƖFR6W&6( ЧvW&RW7W2vG2W2BvW&RvRVV@F&S7FB6f6VCWN( 2&WGW&FW7W>( &VFFFR6W&62W&W76VB'FPWF'2VVB'FR7FW2GvbFV"ff&FW2&RFR6W&62FP( &Gb6&7N( B2( '&FRb6&7B( ХG'F&旦RFW6RvF6W&6W706&7FGvFVF&VF6vFW7W2vR&VV7FrFR6W&66FRVB&R6WfW&VBg&FR&GBFR&G7F7W'ffS( 6&7B2FPVBbFR6W&62&G( WS#26RfRFRVBBFW76RFP&Gb6W'6RN( 276&RFRV@BFR&G&RRF7FwV6&R'W@6W&&Rr&WB6W&Fr6&7@g&2'&FSW7W2fW22'&FRP6VB2&Bf"W"RW&6W2@6W&6W2W"WS#R326RfP6&7BBFW76R2'&FS6P6W&FR6&7Bg&2'&FRfRЦBv&RW#vRfFrg&V@f"FW"BW&vrFVfR2vfPBR&V6W6R2RWRƖPBW"B&RFW&W7FVBvWGFpFr&WGFW"'WB6( B&R&FW&V@&WBW"गN( 27VF&rגvRW&WFR2&VV6WFVBvBФrFFFvBFR67&GW&W0&WV&RBvB6&7F2fRFRf #V'2vFFRV&Ɩ276V&ǒvFW&VBVFW"FRF66ƖRb6&7N( 0FVBff6W'2F&R֖7FW&VBF'FRv&B&VB&V6VB7Vr&VBBF֖7FW&VBvFW"vFF6RvvFR66RFR&GBFR'&FPb6&7BvfV6FvN( 2VP6VB66FW"FW"FW&FfR FW6&RFW"Fࠐ( EDĠ0