IPC Messenger 2017 September 2017 - Page 11

1 Will Robinson John Woods Doug Patterson SEPTEMBER Birthdays 2 Abby Johnson Tim Foster Kari Thompson Steve Thompson Pam Wiggins 3 Raymond Parker Norah Corbitt 4 Will Brodmann, Jr. Tom Cooper Bernard Drew 6 Adair Woods 7 Katie MacMillan Isaac Van Puffelen 8 Nelia Grills Ashley Lanier 19 Mary Carpenter Chamblee Austin 10 Mabel Brown Marsha Oliver Clark Gibson 20 Callie Monroe 12 Donna Best Jeff Sutton 22 Carol Benefield Lucy Kelly Faith Espinosa Evie Espinosa 23 Drew Johnson Catherine McLean Nancy Lewis Alli Corbitt Harriet Gonzalez Don Pease 15 Donna Taylor 16 Carey Murns Caroline Johnson Ken Wood 17 Caroline Foster John Garnett Roy Thompson, IV Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rustine 466 Copper Creek Circle Pooler, GA 31322 Major & Mrs. Andy Nix 50 Greenwick Drive Richmond Hill, GA 31324-3845 Mr. and Mrs. Hal Ambos 3 Bartow Point Drive Savannah, GA 31404 Miss Jane Eliza Chisholm 700 Woodrow Street, Unit 407 Columbia, SC 29205-1722 Miss Jennifer Daniell c/o Linguistics Department Payap University Amphur Muang Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand Telephone numbers: Tim and Chris Ellis no longer have a land line phone. Tim’s cell: 843-298-3859 Chris’ cell: 843-298-3895 Caroline Johnson’s new cell: 912-438-0507. John and Brenda Simpson no longer have a land line phone. Brenda’s cell: 843-422-1011 MESSENGER 28 Annette Hartley Will Oliver Barbara Rustine Quinn Saleeby Stephen UpDeGraff 29 Marcia Cook Luke Hazeltine Emma Moody Candice Sutlive 30 Allison Kelly 25 Nannelle Chan Thank You CHANGES IN ADDRESS Mr. Peter Gibson (summer intern) 1107 St. Joseph Street, Apt. 505 Dallas, TX 75204 920-285-9088 27 Cynthia DeLoach Jo Hart 21 Tyson Gross Laura Reid 14 Mary Kendrick Oliver The following are changes in members’ address and/or telephone information. Please take note: 26 Andrew Brodmann, Jr. Benjamin Ward Dax Williams To The Church Family of I.P.C., I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to work with your congregation this past summer. The two months were filled with fun activities, diligent projects, newfound friendships, and the worship of our Creator through studying and singing His Word. The church staff is — in one word — remarkable, and I treasured learning and working alongside these incredible men and women of God. I enjoyed getting to know so many of you throughout the summer. Your hospitality, encouragement, and kindness did not go unnoticed, and I pray the Lord will bless you for this. A special thanks to the College and Twenties groups for letting me be a part and allowing me the 'GVG@FFV6666Bv2vW6P7VW"BFW"vBf"B( FRvBbRfRvF*BV6R&VƖWfr6FB'FPvW"bFRǒ7&BR&V@R( ( B&2S0WFW"v'6G&6FV2B&RFgVFW FV"'&FW'2B67FW'26&7Bf"W &W'2f6G2B7W'BGW&rFR&V6V@76rbגfFW"vV&vR֖FFR'&FW&ǒfRRW&W76VBv2fW'6f'FrदR&G&vB&V`bFR&G&vG2B7F7f֖ƖW26&VW"֖7G'Rf2gVb'GVFW2f"7&GVw&wFBfVw6rFPVr&fW762W"6W&6vR&R7GVGrFRv7VbFW'6FvG22&vRw&WBFf"bFRvFW"7B'VFrr7GVGrFR&bWGW2GW&rFR7VF66W"BFW&R26W w&WbvVB6W"w&WbVvvWBFvWFW"F&VB&BfPFVF6fW'6F2BFW"f&W2FW2vRv6&RvFW&rFFFPFRV&VWW"FFRv&W26W'6RBBV6BvF66VvRfF&@fR$%2FRf&w&W76W2F7FW( 7F( 6FFRFW6R'GVFW2P7W&R^( &RvWGFrW"6&VW"w&WV>( GFvWBF6RFƲF6W76676b&r"RG6t76b&rV6R&R&rf"W"fVw6( GFBFR&BvVB&RFFrFBFǐBFBBvVB&Rw&vrG2fRf"6&7BBG2FW6&RF6W'fR26W&6FR&VG( EF6p4UDT$U"#ptR