ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2016, Volume 28 - Page 95

Hugo: Yeah, I love it. It’s always nice to hear people have had a great time. Playing live is awesome, but if the audience isn’t enjoying it, the job is not done! Plus, one of the benefits of travelling around is to meet new people, so if you’re ever at one of our gigs, don’t be shy! Agro: Giving time to anyone that wants to show some appreciation or meet any of us; I don't think it's something I could ever get tired of. If I've touched a person in such a way that they want to approach me and give back by showing gratitude and thanks, that's great and I feel damn privileged! I am here with open arms, man. No matter how big Metasoma might become, I always like to think I'll be the one feeling more humbled by the experience. KZ: Do you have any particular or special memories from the shows that you have been playing since Metasoma began playing gigs? Vlad: From the Poland Tour, yes. I remember at some point we started counting bruses and scars and trying to recall how we got them. I knew for a fact that at least four of them were Mishiek's doing. He cannot stand still on stage. More pain to come--I just know it! Agro: Yeah, definately! I think a special show for me personally had to be when we played the Underworld in Camden. I was relatively new and the guys were still getting used to me because I was quite frigid after not playing music at all in like five years. That night rekindled me, and I felt I earned my place in the band, I came out of my shell. I earned Hugo's approval, he's since told me, and Misiek realized he had a playmate! He later lost his intial excitement as he realized that he had to watch out for me as the dude plays with his eyes shut--which is amazing considering how much he moves. But it meant we had to learn to read each other. That was an important show for me. Anyone else? Hugo: I also have a few, yes. One being when we opened for Coma for a couple of shows and we got an amazing reaction from the crowd who had no idea who we were--and that felt amazing! The Lublin show as well was amazing; huge stage, huge sound, everything just right. KZ: What plans does Metasoma have for the future? New album, another tour? Hugo: Well, we are coming back to Poland in December for a few shows with Nocny Kochanek and we have other plans in the works! As for new material, we just finished recording our new single, “Just Breathe.” This will be out later this year and we’ll be putting out something more substantial next year! Agro: Can I just say that “Just Breathe”, the upcoming single, will also be the first recorded track you will hear with Vlad and myself on it. Actually, I think that goes for Hugo too, right? Anyway, we're so damn excited for you all to get your ears to it. It cannot come soon enough for us. The future is very bright. Metasoma had a quiet period looking for me and Vlad. But, the passions are high, the music is loud, we have great support beneath us, Metasoma is back in business...and man, do we mean that. KZ: Thanks for your time in doing this interview. I wish you all the best and hope to see you all again live on stage soon. Do you have any special wish to send greetings to anyone or something to say to the readers of ION Indie Magazine?