ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2016, Volume 28 - Page 93

Vlad: Well, as you said you listened to the band's debut album, "Mirror of Life", I would presume you're reffering to those vocals. That's not me, but the previous singer. Thank you though! Nah, you were at some of the shows weren’t you? As for main influences, let's narrow it down to Corey Taylor, Jesse Leach, Howard Jones, Chester Benington, Dan Costea. That's a beautiful picture, right? Basically, people that surprise me, somehow. KZ: Mishiek and Voytek, you are fantastic guitar players. Who are your idols in the rock & metal scene? Mishiek: It is always nice to hear such words. Personally, from the beginning, when I first got hold of a guitar, I knew I wanted to be a rhythmic guitar player. It sounds quite logical that my first "idols" were James Hetfield and Tommy Iommi. I loved the power and the heaviness of the riffs. Solos, I leave to Voytek! Voytek: That's right. I love various classic and hard rock bands. Artists from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin--to Gary Moore. Talking metal, I’m a big fan of Black Label Society. KZ: Hugo and create an awesome rhythmic section. Did you go to music school? Also, what are your favorite bands? Hugo: I did go to a couple of music schools. I learned quite a bit there, but it comes most of all from listening to bands. I started playing along to Iron Maiden and AC/DC and then moved on to Megadeth, Slayer, Dream Theatre, etc. So, I just kept improving and learning from these guys. After that, I started working more on my own style to avoid just spitting out other people’s ideas. Agro: As for me, no. I never have taken any form of musical training other than with a private tutor for a few years in Devon, who took me to grade four. But no, music school or academic, I'm self taught. My relationship with music has never been entirely serious. It can’t be. It’s instead, been a relationship of respect. Sure, I love to develop, experiment and explore! But it’s more spirtual than academic. Music is more of a personal exploration of self than something someone else can teach. It’s my second language, my foreign tongue that is personal to me alone. KZ: How was your recent tour in Poland? Do you have nice memories? Which city especially sticks in your memory? Hugo: HA! It was amazing; best tour ever. Everyone was lovely and we met great people along the way. The shows were great and the audiences just amazing everywhere. Radzyn Podlaski was a special one, Voytek’s home town. The atmosphere was great! Also, the last one, Juwenalia, Lublin. Metal is made for big stages! Voytek: For me, the most kick ass show we did on this tour was my hometown, Radzyn Polaski. Playing there for the first time in 14 years--since I left the place--was very emotional, I must say. Especially when you see your family and friends greeting you with a flag that read "Welcome home Voytek!" Vlad: Poland was definitely one of my most fondest memories so far. First tour with the guys, first trial by fire with 10 days and 9 gigs. was amazing. Every town we played in gave us something special and different, so I wouldn't know which one to pick. Is "All of them!" a valid answer?