ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2016, Volume 28 - Page 92

computer, and it sounds intense. The guy is very talented and the studio has everything you could want. So, what I'm trying to say is, "Mirror of Life" came from an unlikely place, but it still sounds great in our opinion. KZ: I have listened to your album and I really love it. You are playing heavy metal with influences of progressive metal, grunge and melodic metal. What topics are the most important for you to describe in lyrics? Hugo: Thanks! Yeah, we mix it up a little, Mishiek and Voytek are the two brains behind Metasoma and their influences are quite wide! The lyrics on that first record cover mostly life experiences and just life topics in general, nothing political so far; more about human nature. Mishiek: Yes. So, in the beginning, there was Voytek and myself. Two open-minded guys with very different tastes with a great working relationship. There was never a sense of, "Dude, that riff was a bit too commercial; melodic." It was the opposite...“This is awesome!“ The tracks that we create have to cause satisfaction and happiness within us when playing them. Music has so many different colors and shades to it that it is a pity to close in one style of playing. Agro: I actually love the fact that in your question you mention "influences of grunge and melodic metal". I don't think it was ever the intention to infuse the music with any of these particular genres. Often, we can't define ourselves, so It's really cool to see people making their own impressions of what we do. I suppose the lyrics tend to be quite personal. It's also an interesting dynamic in the band that we try to all contribute to the lyrics and the melody where we can. Vlad is an astonishingly capable guy on this front and he supports us all, I think, when it comes to integrating our own personal message and perspective. KZ: The songs I love the most are “Dead Happy”, “I am Me” and “I Hide”. From where did you get the idea to write such lyrics and create such music? Voytek: Lyric-wise, I won’