ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2016, Volume 28 - Page 9

Talent and a little luck will get your foot in the door. Passion for what you do, a little luck and a strong work ethic will keep you inside. It would take a lot to convince me otherwise, but talent will only get you so far in the music industry today. I’ve personally seen, heard and met plenty of musicians that certainly have the chops and raw talent to pump out some great music--but they just don’t want to put forth the extra effort. These days, you need to network, play live shows whenever and wherever you can, meet fans and promote yourselves enough to make a narcissistic televangelist proud! A strong work ethic is required! Maybe it’s the attitude of today’s generation, the millennial youth--the socalled “entitled generation”. While they may have plenty of talent, most of the younger musicians these days lack the work ethic and just don’t have the stamina to get to the top. And don’t even get me started on “ethics”! Don’t get me wrong--a good ole-fashioned hard work ethic will only get you so far. But the talent portion of the show is equally important. You can play 300 gigs a year, network and promote yourselves every day--but if your band sucks…well, you can work your asses off and no one will bother staying after the second song. And that free CD you just handed them? That will end up as a leg leveler for a wobbly end table. Talent is a must! LONE WOLF JAMES…four rockers from the same generation that gave us The Who, AC/DC and Van Halen…MY generation. Lone Wolf James…four guys that don’t mind playing that extra gig, staying late after a show to meet new fans; shaking hands with their old fans. Four rockers that will do whatever it takes to bring you “straight forward, no bullshit, American rock n’ roll”. Meet LONE WOLF JAMES: Gary Lone Wolf James – Lead Vocals, Guitar Brian Sachs – Drums and Percussion Ron Vieira – Lead Guitar Jeff Holmes – Bass Guitar