ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2016, Volume 28 - Page 7

of radio stations that both shared our vision and would also be willing to serve as broadcast partners by receiving the music that streams in the magazine and considering it for their programming. As a result—and through this cooperative--many of the artists appearing in ION Indie Magazine are now in the regular rotations of radio stations worldwide." Plesha continues, "Adding a magazinecentric radio program to our brand represents another way to not only support our initiative, but also, generate another opportunity for the music we stream in our magazine to be heard. The introduction of our own radio show was a natural progression, and Shawn Peters is a perfect fit for the role of host of this program. Besides being a writer for ION Indie Magazine, he is additionally a musician and has a great working knowledge, taste level, and ear for exceptional music. I am additionally grateful to Michael Presti of Neue Regel Radio for offering the NRR platform as a home base for 'Eye On Jamz'. NRR has been a valued promotional partner to ION Indie Magazine since our inception and Michael has always been a supportive friend and colleague to this publication. I am excited to be working with NRR in another capacity—this time, by joining and contributing to their broadcast line up." The owner of Neue Regel Radio, Michael Presti, shares his thoughts regarding the debut of "Eye On Jamz", "The New Order of Neue Regel Radio is about exploring new possibilities and launching the dreams of many. This has been an exciting year with new partnerships with prominent PR firms and record companies. We are so proud to be the launch pad for ION Indie Magazine's fresh new initiative to bring their artists to the airwaves of NRR." "Eye On Jamz" will debut on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. EST., with DJ ION Chaos hosting the show on a weekly basis. There are plans to syndicate the show with various stations, with recorded broadcasts of "Eye On Jamz" to become available in the near future. Listeners can tune in every Tuesday to the live broadcast at: To learn more about ION Indie Magazine, visit their web site at: For more information on "Eye On Jamz" and syndication opportunities, contact Shawn Peters/DJ ION Chaos at For general inquiries regarding ION Indie Magazine, write to: ###