ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2016, Volume 28 - Page 60

“Fn EP” REVIEW • By JP Rawk • Music by FROM NOTHING “She Don’t Mind” After a several month hiatus from writing for ION Indie Magazine, I had several tremendous artists that I really wanted to interview, but I noticed that thanks to many gracious artists, my CD collection was growing. I thought it would be an awesome time to pull one from one of my favorite hard rock markets--Baltimore. I took into consideration two brand new releases, and decided to remove the wrapper from FROM NOTHING’S “Fn EP” and write the review based on my first listen through. After all, first impressions are what keep us coming back or make us say, “NEXT, PLEASE!” “Fn EP” is a 5 track offering from Baltimore quartet, From Nothing, comprised of vocalist and guitarist JOHN AMORIELLO, bassist ROB LANDON, drummer STEPHEN COADY, and guitarist MIKE SLASKI. The first track, “All That’s Me”, kicks off with some hot guitar tracking leading us in before the balance of the band kicks in at about the ten second mark, shifts down from 4th gear to 2nd as we get a slower, deep Landon bass that just hits me as a perfect lead in to Amoriello’s gravelly vocals. The