ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2016, Volume 28 - Page 134

It is amazing how easily word can flow when you just let go. Empty the brain of all that restrains. It is only when the chains are tight that we feel the bite. Let inspiration flow through and from your mind until what you are searching for is in sight. COLORFUL By Shawn Joseph Gazing past Blinding light Solid dreams Stolen plight Never more Run away Reality Is here to stay Reaching out Pulling in Forgetting the day Letting agony win Only to breathe No time to think Victorious stance Harmonious sync Thumping loud Bouncing through Completely covered In glowing goo Check out our Facebook page for the lyrical works within this issue in their entirety: We have come to that time once more. My sanity lies on the floor. If you have lyrics, poetry and more, do not hesitate to walk in my door. Send your lyric submissions to along with no more than 2 links to your online presence and the author’s name. All work MUST be original. Let me shout your name to the world!