ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 69

Our next word sculpture is a repeat artist nut I could not help but appreciate the concept and inspiration behind this poem. I can always relate to madness in any form. Enjoy as DANIELLE PALLANTI opens your eyes to the view from within insanity itself. The Schizo-Moving Picture Show By Danielle Pallanti I can see that you're upset I see you don't agree Your voice echoes Bouncing through my misery I hear you brought some friends I hear them, loud and clear Each one glimmers in my mind Shattered glass to walk my fear As each word takes a bow And plays an encore To a song so familiar Of a rhythm from before A cry from the left Is countered by the right In this fight for attention Is where they will unite These mice run a race Ragged through a narrow hall With the directions they give They hit their head on every wall I try to make some sense Of this frantic display I tell them to slow down They can't all have their way But the show must go on There is no time for rest It's the Schizo-Moving Picture Show And we've finally found a guest As this month’s craziness has been fun, I find myself naked under the sun. Toiling with words and wondering why I cannot reach up and take hold of the sky. It seems to me that it is all around, but I cannot get myself up off of the ground. So inside the vault I will reach for something juicy like a ripe peach. Agonizing Retreat By Shawn Joseph Dreaming forlorn Beginning undone