ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 68

Music by THE FACTOR PROJECT “Forgotten Shadows” By Shawn Joseph Hello there my chaotic wanderers and welcome back to another delightful taste of insanity. Gather yourselves and take a seat. The ride will be exceptionally bumpy today as I have reached inside of the vault to nibble upon a few of my old chunks of madness this month. Hopefully I find something worth sharing before this day is over. This month, I bring to you, a work of lyrical mastery from Cincinnati, Ohio. JEREMY MOORE has shown me the energy he puts forth on stage. And I must say it gives life to his words. Do yourself a favor and go-go check out GO GO BUFFALO for more of his work. You can do so here: Peeking Through the Seams By Jeremy Moore The air around you has grown so stale The blinks from the windows are now too hard to sell Parallel So parallel Makes a mess out of this perpendicular hell Forgot why my tongue was so loose. And remembered some abuse. Gangrene peeling what can't be used And a rotted stump to walk on without shoes Your eyes long for some sort of suspension from this beautiful charade Drinks poured Hearts warmed But you're not awake Keep nursing the ache Maybe someday you'll hurt too much to take it And your eyes will lose their charisma Their charm Their namesake And I'm still hoping they do So I can have a clean slate