ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 65

Janson had this song and I knew I had the perfect lyric for it instantly. Sometimes it can take a while, but with us now, we’re really writing together a lot now. Janson: Yeah, that’s my biggest thing…writing together. ION: How about the show? What’s changed there? Jay: Well, with the bigger addition of keyboards, I think it was Janson who said we’re like “Dad Rock” (laughter) cuz of the organs. Janson tapes everything, all our practices and shows. After watching it, we changed it to “Hyper Rock”. There’s a new energy to the show, and I think Alan really brought that energy to the band. Visually now, you can just feel the energy. It’s just beautiful. This last statement is fully realized as I went to a gig that The MESS played, two days later. From the second they blasted into their set, The MESS captivated you with their unique sound. While heavily keyboard-oriented these days, they don’t hit you over the head with cliché fills and textures. Janson plays his keys like a lead guitarist, sometimes playing his standard setup and his keytar at the same time. Joe and Alan’s rhythm section is a flawlessly-timed, powerful thunder that never gets lost amongst the riffing keys and guitar. Jay’s storytelling lyrics are a beautiful compliment to this perfect songwriting team. The energy that Jay tells of Alan’s is impossible to miss. You’d think you were watching a Thrash metal band as Alan powers through the set with never-ending head banging and aggressive movements throughout the stage. While not the most vocal of the group, his movements and playing onstage spoke VOLUMES! I couldn’t recommend a better band to catch, and keep an eye on. The MESS are back, stronger than ever, and ready to take on the world. For more information on The MESS, you can visit these various sites on the web: