ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 64

ION: Okay, so let me ask you that. You were previously a two guitar band, with some element of keyboards, and now you’re a one guitar only band with a heavy dominance of keyboards. How has that changed your approach to the older songs? Janson: All the old songs are exactly the same. I’m actually playing all my old guitar lines on the keys now. The only difference is that with guitars, you have chords. So on keys, I can be playing my chords here, while being able to play more stuff over here. (He’s playing his Keytar throughout the entire interview, and actually demonstrating this as we speak). We actually thought about adding a second guitarist, but we didn’t feel the need. ION: So do you think all this multi-instrumental prowess has any effect on you as musicians? Can it be too much? Or is it a positive? Joe: For me it’s definitely a positive. Since I play guitar in Uman Era, it has made me a better drummer in this band. ION: Really? Joe: Yeah, cuz as a guitarist, I now understand what a drummer needs to do. What a guitar player wants a drummer to do. Maybe three or four years ago, I didn’t have that insight, like I do now. It’s really kinda cool. Janson: It’s good that people play different instruments. ION: So with everything different now, within the band, what’s the writing style these days? Jay: Janson said we really got this back together now over a particular song that we’re working on now, called “Addiction”. You can always have an idea, but it never sounds the same as when you bring it to the band and it starts to take form. I remember when we worked together a while ago,