ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 63

keytar, which has added a whole new dimension to The MESS’s sound.) ION: Now Jay, as the founder of The MESS, this is your baby. Do the rest of you feel the same way? Is The MESS the number one priority? Joe: Well Uman Era is MY band, but when I’m playing with The MESS I’m a hundred percent there for The MESS, and when I’m with Uman Era, I’m a hundred percent for Uman Era. Janson: With any band I was ever in--at one point, I was in FIVE (at the same time)--there was not one band that ever complained about my attendance or my contributions to the band. It made me cocky. It really did. I figured I could be in a bunch of bands all the time. Not cocky as in playing-wise, but just that I could do it. I have a very difficult work schedule, and I feel as it comes down to that if you want to do it, you can. For me. ION: Alan, are you also involved in multiple projects like everyone else? Alan: Yes, I also play with Janson in another project called BEYOND THE ECLIPSE. In that band I play guitar. ION: So The MESS are a very multi-talented band that are also heavily involved in multiple side projects. What are your plans for only The MESS? Jay: We have studio time booked, and we’re in a stage now where we’re picking the songs. Me and Janson have been writing now for so long, he’ll bring me a disc with like thirty songs, and it’s always hard to whittle that down. You’ve got bands with writer’s block, and we just can’t even get into it all, there’s so much. We’ve always been a very independent band, and we’ve been close to laying down tracks for a CD or whatever, and problems with personnel or whatever, would get in the way. Now we have all these songs, and it’s just a matter of narrowing it down for this CD. We have a BILLION songs, and there’s the new dynamic of Janson’s keyboards. He has a KEYTAR… Janson: I LOVE IT!