ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 58

Rochelle Smith: Rochelle began playing music in the 4th grade, learning the trumpet. Rochelle got her first guitar at age 13 and began taking lessons immediately. After 2 years of lessons, she decided to teach herself how to play Rock music. Rochelle was in several local Rock bands playing rhythm guitar and eventually learned how to become a lead player. She was active around the local scene for 6 years, then took a 13 year break from music to raise her son. After seeing an ad for a lead guitarist for Take 147, Rochelle found herself ready to storm the stage once again. She got an audition and was hired on as the lead guitar player for Take 147 in 2010. Rochelle is mostly influenced by 80’s Hair Bands and Heavy Metal. Although a band comprised of females, there is nothing “sugar and spice” about Take 147. They are inyour-face, take-no-prisoners, no-excuses ROCK! Their performances to the new “Takers” are surprising and unexpected—gritty guitars, raw--yet vulnerable vocals, an energetic stage presence, and riveting and memorable music. Gretta, Amber, Patty, and Ro, grab their audiences by their hearts and hold them captive in their hands. Take 147 has melded into a well-oiled machine—one whose parts are interchangeable—as they are known to switch out instruments and vocals, displaying their diversity and distinctive talent. I asked the ladies to talk a little bit about their song-writing process--along with their vision, their friendship, and their appreciation for their devoted fans. They shared the following… “When writing our originals, all 4 members contribute, adding their individual musical influences, which (we believe) gives our songs a unique sound—therefore, all of our songs are DIFFERENT…not one sounds like the other. To achieve this creativity in writing our originals, we rent a cabin in the mountains and dedicate the entire weekend to this--letting the creative juices flow and bonding as a band witho WB琦F