ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 55

merges with calmer tones, accented with fabulous solos! I was enthralled with the vocals—so evidently epic in the brilliant ballad “Last Time Together”, capturing a beautiful essence in the marriage of piano and guitar—holding the listener’s heart! An additionally fantastic ballad is called “Lullaby”, with its sensitive, romantic sounds. Elina Siirala demonstrates vocal control and expression, harmonious and mysterious with her rich voice. I also found the track “Insane” an interesting offering, with its intensive drums that change pace…unexpected! Reborn is brilliantly stylized with heavy guitar riffs and calmer sounds play off of each other…and the connection is just amazing! Also worthy of the discerning ear are: “Never Ending”, with a lush opening and stronger riffs, epic vocals and refrain, once again, with NIGHTWISH influences, with its hypnotizing guitars--in a true Hard Rock and Metal flavor; “Abyss”, with magnificent keys and stronger guitars setting a dark mood and vocals that can melt the listener; and also, “Higher Ground”, with its clear rhythmic section, heavenly singing, melodic chorus in Symphonic style and deep guitar riffs…which I love. Melodic Metal band enkElination has their own style and sound. They create excellent music and they prove that they can play amazing ballads and also fantastically powerful songs. The music of this English band is my new obsession! I couldn't stop listening to these beautiful, yet haunting songs. Their rich, textural music caught my attention from the very first note. The production quality is of a high level also—additionally enhancing the listening experience. “Tears of Lust” is the perfect mesh of modern Metal echoes and classical opera influences. I highly recommend “Tears of Lust” to every Melodic Metal fan’s library. This female-fronted band can stand with the BEST of them…NIGHTWISH, WHYZDOM and DELAIN. Don't miss this new release--satisfaction guaranteed!