ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 54

CD Review by Kat Zee TRACK LIST: 1. Tears of Lust 2. Higher Ground 3. Never Ending 4. Lullaby 5. Insane 6. What Have You Become 7. Reborn 8. Chimeras 9. Changeling 10. Abyss 11. Last Time Together BAND: Elina Siirala--Vocals Shadow Venger--Guitar Alasdair--Bass Ben--Drums ENKELINATION (enkeli-meaning Angel in Finnish) is female-fronted Melodic Metal band from London in the United Kingdom. The band was formed in November 2011 by classically-trained former opera singer ELINA SIIRALA from Finland. After playing numerous live shows in and around London, enkElination released their first EP in September of 2012. The past few months they’ve been recording their debut album “Tears of Lust” which is available NOW. I fell in love with this band with the first song, the great track “Tears of Lust”. It opens with gentle piano buoyed by amazing vocals. Lower guitar riffs complement Elina's voice throughout this song. The melodic chorus is memorable from the first notes. I am particularly enamoured of the lilting vocals in contract to the heaviness of the guitars. Also notable, is the backdrop of the delicate piano—a melding of art! Changeling sets a rich atmosphere with its gorgeous operatic vocal swells and growling guitars—creating a stereo of sound for the mind. This track is melodically reminiscent of NIGHTWISH. Progressive elements are evident in “What Have You Become”, where Metal