ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 52

I WAS TALKING TO DARRELL By Dean Michael “Even the Dearly Departed Need a Playlist.” “They’re brothers, both in their late 40’s and I swear they think that with a little luck and the right set up circumstances, they could still be rock stars,” Darrell said, casting a disappointed look at the sandwich he had brought for lunch. “Who?” I asked, not the least bit thrilled with my salad. “Friends of mine. Their mom passed away. I saw them at the wake. During the evening they brought out their guitars and started playing their mom’s favorite songs. It was pathetic.” “To me it sounds like a nice tribute.” “You wouldn’t say that if you heard them. They butchered Jim Croce’s ‘Time in a Bottle’. I couldn’t take it.” “What should they have played?” I asked, far more interested in his answer than my lunch. “They shouldn’t have played at all. They’re not very good. The way I see it, no matter where you go today you can stream songs off your phone or tablet and broadcast it through the sound system.” “So you’re suggesting that funeral homes should provide free Wi-Fi and a sound system.” “Why not? Why does it have be so damn depressing?”