ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 50

VENUE ON THE MENU BISCUITS AND BLUES By J.B. Bridges Photography by Steven Suen The San Francisco area is home to many great restaurants, bars and music venues. While many are just that--a restaurant, a bar, or a music venue, BISCUITS AND BLUES combines all three for a convenient place to grab a bite to eat, have an adult beverage and listen to some of the best Blues musicians to grace the "Left Coast". Located at 401 Mason Street, Biscuits and Blues has established itself as the "must go-to place" for the last 19 years in the heart of the theatre district. Just a block from the famous UNION SQUARE, this venue is accessible by cable car, BAY AREA RAPID TRANSIT (BART), THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE and THE OAKLAND BAY BRIDGE. It is in the heart of EVERYTHING San Francisco!