ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 49

Rock Titan: The next big band that you play with should be MEGADETH, and I should be with you guys back stage. That's what's going to happen next. Your CD is coming out, and that's going to be your next tour. That's all I'm saying. Negative Sky: I love it. MEGADETH. We'll call them right now. Rock Titan: I actually have DAVE MUSTAINE’S number. Negative Sky: I have Dave Mustaine's number. Can you call him though? He doesn't answer our calls. Rock Titan: So where can we find you? Where can we find your music? Negative Sky: You can find it anywhere they have digital downloads. NVD DISTRIBUTION. ED ROCK ARMY RECORDS. You can pick up “Death of The Son” at any of your favorite digital distribution facilities. Look us up on Google and you will find many place where you can enjoy Negative Sky. WWW.ROCKTITAN.TV