ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 48

NEGATIVE SKY Currently ranked #7 on ReverbNation, NEGATIVE SKY could easily be #1. These guys just absolutely crush it, as they perform hits such as “Daggers” in the downstairs Metal lair of FINNIGAN’S WAKE in Philadelphia. Every one of these guys have performed with major national headliners, which is only appropriate as it's just a matter of time until they're one of them! In the following interview, I had the opportunity to film ROCK TITAN VJ HEATHER MAE conducting an interview with Negative Sky. Rock Titan: So you have an EP and you're recording now in New York with somebody pretty famous? Negative Sky: We're about to do a new record coming up at the end of this summer. COREY PIERCE from GOD FORBID is co-producing with MITCH COX and we're recording at PROGRESSIVE METAL STUDIOS, and it's going to be engineered by STEVE LAGUDI--who's worked with everybody from MACHINE HEAD to SEPTULA to SEPULTURA. He's actually on the road with Machine Head. He's also worked with TESTAMENT…so many people. We're totally psyched and we're getting ready. Rock Titan: That's actually really awesome. You've toured with some pretty big names and big bands. Do you have any other big things going on as far as touring in the near future? Negative Sky: Well we don't know exactly who we're going to be touring with, because we're putting out the new record in late August or early September. So, right now we're on a little bit of a hiatus. We're doing a little bit of writing. You know, we're just trying to get ready. We're doing a little bit of re-production. So we're only doing a few shows until the end of September when the record comes out and we'll see exactly what’s going to happen. But, I can say a lot of big things are happening. Rock Titan: What's been your favorite band that you've played with so far? I'm going to put you on the spot. Negative Sky: God that's a lot. I could say SLIPKNOT…I could say VISION OF DISORDER. Rock Titan: You played with Slipknot? Negative Sky: Oh yeah. Back in the day. It was an older band. We've been in different bands, some of us. We've been in three bands together. So we've played with COLD CHAMBER, MACHINE HEAD and SLIPKNOT and other bands: CANDERIA, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE and OTEP. A lot of bands…a lot. We've played with SEVENDUST…we're very lucky. In the format we're currently in, we're just embarking on this next adventure. We'll see what happens.