ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 42

REBELLION from Appleton. One of the best crowds we have ever had, Punk Rock all the way. Dr. X: Are you out to change the world with a musical message for the goddamn masses? Reverend Meantooth: We don't really have a message, we don't expect to change the world with this band or make a huge statement about politics, etc. It’s simple music, raw in nature and completely visceral. It’s simple like R.L. BURNSIDE or JUNIOR KIMBROUGH, butangry like BLACK FLAG or MC5. Every song is different; some are funny, some are dead serious. It's rootsy stuff planted in old school violence and love. But we feel it's something everyone can relate to. Dr. X: Who is your goddamn audience? Reverend Meantooth: So far it's been a wide variety of people. We get young, old, Hippies, Metal Heads, Blues fans, etc. you name it--it’s a pretty wide variety of ages and types of people so far. It’s really refreshing to play to all kinds of different people and have them dig what you do. It's been completely foreign to us in previous bands ‘til The Goddamns. Dr. X: What is the best goddamn advice you’d give to anyone starting their first goddamn band? Reverend Meantooth: I think realistic goals are imperative. Obviously the big one is PLAY YOUR ASS OFF in the beginning. The other thing is get good at the business side. Look at other successful bands and their business model. Also--and this is a big one--don’t ever assume anyone is going to help you! Lots of bands rely on the clubs to promote, etc. No one will work as hard for your band as you will! If you approach every show like no one is helping and you do everything you can to promote it and make it the best it can be, it will ALWAYS show. Lastly, always try to up your game...don’t be content to sit at home and be the big fish in the local pond. Go out there and make a’s a lot more challenging, but much more rewarding than sitting at home playing to the same people all the time. Oh, and that reminds me of one more thing! Bands stop oversaturating yourselves! You play too much and you kill your draw! It’s a fact! Look as the town you’re playing, if it’s big you MIGHT get away with a couple of shows in one month...MAYBE, but it’s not a good practice. Smaller towns, you definitely don’t want to do this! The more you draw, the more clubs will respect you and have you back...and repeat business long term is how any business stays on top. Dr. X: When writing a goddamn song, do the lyrics or music come first? Reverend Meantooth: Completely different every time. Sometimes it’s a riff in my head, sometimes it’s a lyric that gets music later. All depends on the song. Dr. X: Which of your goddamn songs do you connect with the most?