ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 41

Reverend”, to the exceptional back-beat of GRAND MASTER OH TO THE ZEE on drums-with the occasional yellin'--it just keeps on getting better song after song. The Goddamns are a duo from Wausau, Wisconsin. Maybe that explains the name. Oh yeah, I said that; but hey, I can--I’ve lived there many goddamn moons ago, so that would make sense. According the band’s Facebook page, “If THE WHITE STRIPES, THE BLACK KEYS and LEFT LAND CRUISER had an illegitimate love child with LEMMY; while HUNTER S. THOMPSON documented the whole torrid might get The Goddamns. The band has been hitting the road hard over the summer in support of their latest album “Wisco Disco”. From clubs to bars to festivals, The Goddamns have been making a stir in the Wisconsin music scene that is as large as their sound. I had a chance to talk with Reverend Meantooth between the nonstop touring schedule. Dr. X: What is the goddamn meaning behind the name of your band? Reverend Meantooth: To curse (someone or something) as being contemptible or worthless. Dr. X: Use one goddamn word to describe each of your bandmates. Reverend Meantooth: Loud. Dr. X: What does each member of your group bring to the band? Reverend Meantooth: Tequila and Fireball. Dr. X: Tell us your best goddamn experience on tour supporting “Wisco Disco”? Reverend Meantooth: Best would have to be the last show we did with THE GODDAMN GALLOWS at THE LYRIC ROOM in Green Bay, WI. Packed house, body passing, stage diving, fire breathing, bible burning and I blew up my Orange amp. Gallows were ridiculous as always, but then GUTTER GHOULS from Detroit played as well, along with RED LEG