ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 40

The Goddamns By Dr. X Goddamn it! I recently made a promise to stop saying goddamn it so much. But goddamn it, how in the hell can I tell you about a band named THE GODDAMNS without saying it? As a complete fan of this band and a fan of music in general, I have no doubt that the world will let me slide on this one. So, who exactly is this band called The Goddamns who have made me go back on my word? Well, first off, let me tell you that they are pretty goddamn good (hey, since I'm taking a “pass”, I'm using the goddamn thing to the fullest extent!). I had the opportunity to see The Goddamns in a Central Wisconsin venue earlier this summer and from note one, I couldn’t get enough. From the thick tone of the TV Jones pickups in REVEREND MEANTOOTH’S Gretsch, to the slide Rockabilly-Rock-Blues-Punk style that will make any guitarist want to go home and figure out just how in the hell to make that goddamn sound, to the self-described “Hollerin' of the