ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 38

TB: Wow! The first song I ever wrote was a cheesy two note song for a girl I was dating at the time. It was terrible. I could barely play and sing at the same time. But most notable song is Can't Change Me”. It was the first time I ever took a look at the experiences in my life and made a song from them. The songs felt more real if I had actually been there in the scenario I was singing about. It's the only way I can write now. CeeJ: Congrats on the new album being completed! So tell me a little about what “Country Swag” means to you? TB: This album is a culmination of life experiences so when people hear it they're getting a small bit of my life. I'm so excited to share my experiences with everyone and hopefully people can relate to some of the things I talk about on my album. “Country Swag” means the world to me. No matter how the album does I feel completely successful setting out to do it and completing it. Check out the newly released CD, “Country Swag”, and see why this album means so much to Tyler. On this CD, he was helped by some awesome musicians. Tyler, playing guitar and singing, is joined by CHRIST TALLEY on bass, FORREST CLARKE JONES on lead guitar, CASEY GREEN on drums, KATIE MERELL, harmony vocals and ANDREW CRAWFORD on banjo. CeeJ: What is this I see going on with “Country Junkie Nation” and how did that come about? I am looking forward to seeing this come together. TB: They are an official clothing sponsor making an official TBH line of shirts that will be available on any of their media and stores. I actually approached CJ Nation not too long ago and they were so excited with the prospect of the sponsorship, they began talking with me about the idea of the TBH line. We're working on the first shirts now. CeeJ: I found you through a mutual friend and I thought maybe a few questions from her would be a nice “shout out”: What is on your “Bucket List” for places to play and people to play with? What is the most important thing you want your fans to know about Tyler Brant Harrison? TB: What a great idea! I'd say as far as musical “Bucket List” it would be great to play a song with MERLE HAGGARD, book a show with GARTH BROOKS and play at THE GRAND OLE OPRY. I want my fans and listeners to know that I truly wrote, lived and breathed every song on this album and that my fans are the greatest! CeeJ: What is the music scene like and are you playing out a lot--aside from the time you spent in the studio getting the album together?