ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 36

Music by TYLER BRANT HARRISON “Can’t Change Me” Across the Miles With By CeeJ Photography by Belinda Hall Sometimes you don't always know about and up and coming artists. We find lots of artists through friends who suggest taking a listen or in magazines like ION and such. A friend told me about TYLER BRANT, and I'd like to share him with all of you. Tyler is a Country artist that is influenced by great musicians of all styles of music. MERLE HAGGARD and GEORGE JONES are just two of his favorites. But then throw in THE ROLLING STONES and THE BEATLES, and you have this "OUTLAW STYLE" of music. As Tyler puts it, “Everything has its place in the music world and it all works together." Listening to his style, I can hear what he is talking about with such a great mix of influences. Through the power of the internet, we got to chat a little about his life and music. CeeJ: When did you get started playing music? TB: I started playing music when I was about 19. Then came a bad car wreck that broke my guitar neck and I couldn't get it repaired.