ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 35

DEBBIE HARRY (BLONDIE), SHIRLEY MANSON (GARBAGE), DOLORES O’RIODAN BURTON (THE CRANBERRIES) and SANDRA NASIC (GUANO APES). She “toys” with her vocals and expertly extracts emotion from the lyrics. Energetic, aggressive sounds emerge in “Over and Over” –along with a stellar vocal performance that is infused with METALLICA influences that drill into the listener’s mind. Memorable! The vocals attack the listener from first sounds in “Best Revenge”--where retro guitars, Punk-styled drums and kick-ass sounds deliver a smack with this track! Raunchy sounds and MOTÖRHEAD-esque licks rule in “Consumed”, with an energetic vocal delivery and an epic guitar solo that left me wanting to replay the whole album of MONGREL once again. MONGREL delivers a timely and unique debut album with “Evolution”. They play catchy, driving Rock with Punk and Metal influences. In terms of music, songwriting and production, this album is perfect in every department. MONGREL presents themselves as seasoned musicians whose skills are honed and on point. MONGREL epitomizes “Rock with passion” that I am confident we will be hearing a lot of in the future!