ION INDIE MAGAZINE September 2014, Volume 4 - Page 27

The resounding reach of pinksideofthemoon is as vast as our planet itself. In addition to performing in Brixton in recent years, pinksideofthemoon has built a strong base of fans, friends and supporters in Japan. The band's 2007 Japanese tour include stops at CLUB PLUG and the legendary CLUB GOODMAN, while they have developed strong relationships with Japanese acts OWKMJ, HIFANA, HATAKEN (synthesizer genius), and AKEYAMA TOYOAKI. The group is looking forward to performing in Japan with their new four-piece configuration. “We enjoy the culture of Japan and the interaction with the people tremendously,” Lee says. “We can't speak the language, but we make music that transcends everything.” Lee reflects on his life and message, “I’ve made more than a few records and done more than a few tours. I’ve been able to hang out with THE ROLLING STONES and work at GILMORE’S house—all kinds of cool things. The most important thing is that I’m a Liver Transplant survivor and that’s how Kiki and I reconnected. The most important story I can share here is that you can survive anything and live your dreams. Don’t let anybody deter you from that!” As he looks to the future and turns the page on the latest chapter of The Lee Popa Story— with Jolee at his side, pinksideofthemoon is set to take the Earth by storm once more. The Popa’s are busy in the studio creating their next offering and readying themselves to present it to the world. “Family” can be defined in many ways and in some instances, not bound by genetics. And sometimes, the closest bonds are not born of blood, but shared life experiences. You could say that Lee Popa is a member of the extended family that inhabits my youthful memories. And the family that is Lee and Jolee Popa and pinksideofthemoon is one that is forged in a passion for the music and a shared vision. There is another old saying, and it goes “I’ll know you by the company you keep.” And these days, I am pleased to know that my friend Lee Popa is in good company!