ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 78

flow through you, for none of us has the power to fight what has already happened. Grab hold of your passion, should it be writing, singing, playing, painting… let it fill your mind with visions you cannot describe with words alone. Do you feel that? Maybe I need to word it differently… TODAY By Shawn Joseph Fear not the wind It already blows Carry no more pain It forever grows Believe in no doubt Everything bleeds Torment is internal Don’t be reckless with your seeds Strength in harmony Crescendo until the end There is no room for fading Your song has just began You there, yes you…has inspiration taken its hold on you, choked you from breathing the air the surrounds you? Are you suffocating in society? If you would like to share your art with the world, if you happen to be a lyricist, a songwriter, or even a musician who diddles with words, send me something good to read and I will share it with the world! Send your submission to Please include your name as you would like to see it published, as well as your band affiliation, so that we can lead more fans your way! While you are at it, send me a link to your band’s Facebook page. Until next time, my Chaos will stew inside of my brain. I will try to keep it contained just for you.